Can You Homeschool And Work?

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Can you homeschool and work might be a homeschooling concern if you need to know how to homeschool and work full time (or part time) or you need to homeschool and work from home. Many incorrectly assume that you can’t homeschool while working, but homeschool for working parents is possible! READ ON! HOMESCHOOL AND WORKING …


Can Homeschool Students Play Sports?

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Can homeschool students play sports is a question parents often ask when wondering how to start homeschooling and how homeschoolers get involved in extracurricular activities. You may be surprised to learn homeschool sports is a possibility and your kids may even be able to play on local public school sports teams. Here’s how… Homeschool and …


Is Homeschool Socialization Really An Issue?

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Homeschool socialization and how to make homeschool friends may be a big concern for you. Find out why you don’t need to be worried about homeschool and socialization IF you follow these steps and understand the truth about kids socializing and how to make friends when homeschooled. Homeschooling Causes Socialization Problems? Socialization for homeschoolers and …