Can You Homeschool And Work?

Can you homeschool and work might be a homeschooling concern if you need to know how to homeschool and work full time (or part time) or you need to homeschool and work from home. Many incorrectly assume that you can’t homeschool while working, but homeschool for working parents is possible! READ ON!

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QUESTION: Can I homeschool and work?

ANSWER: Yes! There are plenty of dads and moms who homeschool and work!

It is true: Almost all homeschooling families have at least one parent at home taking on the full-time responsibilities of homeschooling.

That does not mean that you can’t work and homeschool.

BUT… Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart.

It is all encompassing and that includes taking up a majority of your day.

With all of that said, there are those who work and contribute financially to the family—even single parents—while successfully homeschooling!

(Yes, you can be a single working parent homeschooling!)

Can a working parent homeschool?

Some homeschool families have both parents who work, and some single parent families work outside of the home while still homeschooling. Homeschool for working moms and dads will look different than other homeschooling families because they will fit homeschooling around work schedules (which is no problem because homeschooling is flexible that way!).

How homeschooling works for families will depend on what kind of job the parents have and how flexible it is.

Advice for working moms and dads: Let go of what you think a “normal” school day looks like. Remember: learning takes place at all days, times, and hours — even in the evenings and on the weekends!

We know homeschool families who homeschool in the evenings because they’re kids are night owls. So, don’t be afraid to create a homeschool / work schedule that is best for your family, NOT what society thinks you should do!

Let’s take a closer look at how to homeschool and work from home / work a job outside the home…


How To Homeschool When You Have a Full Time Job or Homeschool While Working From Home

Here are examples of how to work and homeschool:

  • One parent works during the day and one works at night.
    • The day working parent may homeschool from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and then hand off the kids to a family member, caregiver, or a co-op class.
    • The second (late working parent) may then take care of additional homeschool activities or pick up the kids from their co-op class or caregiver.
  • You can also be a homeschool single mom or dad who works daytime shifts, has daycare help with the kids during the day, and then homeschools in the afternoon or evenings.
  • A parent works at night and homeschools in the morning or during the day.
  • Directed homeschooling can take place on weekends, with the kids leading their own learning during the week with a family member or caregiver.
  • You can be a work at home mom or dad who works and homeschools in increments throughout the day.

(The parent who looks super exhausted is the one balancing home schooling work, because working and homeschooling is no joke. Don’t go into it lightly!)

We have friends where one parent works only on the weekends, leaving them both at home to homeschool during the week.

So, when asking, “Can I homeschool while working full time?” the answer is YES. There are many homeschooling options for working parents, you just need to get creative.

These are just a few homeschool schedule ideas. As a homeschooling parent, you don’t have to figure it all out right away! Because homeschooling is so flexible, it can fit around different work schedules for parents — whether you’re homeschooling and working full time or parttime or even working at home and homeschooling. Be willing to pay readjust and change what’s not working.


You’ll be tired, but — meh — who needs sleep anyway?

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HOMESCHOOL FAQ: Can You Homeschool and Work?

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