Can Homeschool Students Play Sports?

Can homeschool students play sports is a question parents often ask when wondering how to start homeschooling and how homeschoolers get involved in extracurricular activities. You may be surprised to learn homeschool sports is a possibility and your kids may even be able to play on local public school sports teams. Here’s how…

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Homeschool and Sports

Can my homeschooled child play sports?

You may be surprised to learn that just because a child is homeschooled it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is excluded from participating in public school sports. Additionally, homeschoolers can also join homeschool sports teams or community leagues. There are also many different options for homeschooling for student athletes

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Let’s take a closer look at homeschool sports public school and what you can do for in homeschool for sports options.

How can homeschoolers play sports?

When asking Can homeschool students play sports public school? you need to start with your state laws and then look at your specific district. Each state has the ability to determine if homeschoolers are eligible to participate in public school sports. In many states, a homeschoolers ability to play sports is determined by each school district.

So, yes. In some states or school districts, homeschoolers can play sports at public schools.

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For example Arizona statute states, “Homeschooled students are allowed to participate in the public schools’ interscholastic activities ‘in the same manner’ as pupils who are enrolled in the public schools.”

However, there are other states that prohibit homeschoolers from participating in public school sports.

California statute specifically states, “California Interscholastic Federation prohibits homeschoolers from playing on public school teams.”

(Why all the hate, Cali?)

There are also many other options for kids to play sports when they are homeschooled (outside of public school). Check:

  • Homeschool sports league
  • Homeschool classes / homeschool sports teams (Search: homeschool sports near me or homeschool sports programs near me or by the specific sport like: homeschool baseball near me or by the state like: homeschool sports programs in Texas)
  • Community group sports
  • Recreation leagues
  • Traveling leagues
  • Homeschool sports network
  • Christian homeschool sports ministries
  • Homeschool sports association
  • & MORE!

So, check your homeschool state laws if you’re interested in your children participating in public school sports.

And, if you live in a state that says “NO” to homeschooled kids on their public school sports teams, just move.

(We kid. We kid.)

Can K 12 students play sports?

K12 is actually a virtual public school at home and not a true homeschool. Because it is served through the public school system, your child should have no problem playing sports through the school as a K 12 student.


To cover the myth of Can homeschool students play sports? The answer is: yes! You really can homeschool with sports.

There are many options for homeschool students playing sports. You just need to be willing to put in the research to find the right sports option for your homeschooler!

Homeschool FAQ: Can homeschool students play sports?

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