How To Finish Homeschool Early

Wondering how to finish homeschool early, skip a grade in homeschooling, or how to finish homeschool fast? If you are in a hurry and want your children educated at home, these tips help you with how to accelerate homeschooling years and maybe even complete high school early.


Tips On How To Finish Homeschool Early

Homeschoolers have an advantage because we are the teachers and we have the flexibility to create the type of homeschool schedule (and completion date) that we want! If your homeschoolers are motivated and self-directed enough, a child can complete high school faster!

Best Reasons To Accelerate Your Homeschooling Years

Accelerating homeschool years may be the best choice for your family for many different reasons.

As homeschooling parents, we understand educating kids from kindergarten to 12th grade can be a long journey. However, if you are eager to have your homeschool student graduate earlier and become more responsible sooner (or go to college early), it is a great choice.

Here are reasons to accelerate your kids homeschooling years:

  1. Allows homeschooled kids to start college or a job sooner.
  2. Gets your kids ready for the “real world” faster.
  3. Can help encourage your child to get their own place sooner.
  4. Can help parents save money.

Can you graduate faster in homeschool?

You can graduate faster in homeschool by:

  • Understanding your homeschool laws and requirements
  • Homeschooling through the summer
  • Only completing required courses
  • Using alternative methods like documentaries, podcasts, and audiobooks to learn subjects
  • Testing out of subjects and classes
  • Letting go of time-consuming extracurricular activities
  • Taking dual credits


How To Finish Your Homeschooling Faster

Finishing homeschooling early takes planning and sacrifice. (So be clear and confident that this is the path you want to take with homeschooling!)

#1: Check your state laws and regulations.

Are there specific laws, regulations, or rules you need to complete homeschooling early? Make sure you understand all your specific requirements before starting this process.


#2: Avoid Classes That Are Not Required.

When you’re trying to complete your homeschooling early, you’ll need to skip most (if not all) classes that are not required. It may sound boring, but if it gets you to the completion goal faster then that’s what you’ll need to do.

#3: Avoid Extracurricular Activities That Take Up Too Much Time.

Again, this probably isn’t something that you want to hear, but any activities that take hours a day away from the early completion goal are probably not a good idea. While it’s not a bad idea to play sports or dance, try to avoid activities that take up much more than 2 hours each day (because you are in a hurry) outside the classroom. For example, if you only have one hour of learning time each day and 3 hours left for extracurricular activities, don’t be in a hurry to join an organization, club or sports team.

#4: Find A Learning Style That Works For Your Student.

If you are in a hurry, it’s best if you can find out what learning style works for your student. Understanding how your homeschoolers learn best means they’ll enjoy learning more (which can lead to a faster finish).

Be sure to ask yourself these questions: Do my children enjoy learning? Is there anyway I can make learning more fun for them? Are they able to retain new information faster? Do they get bored easily and take too long to finish assignments? Do they prefer online homeschool programs over textbooks and workbooks?

Ask yourself if there are any changes you can make to accommodate their learning style. Can we change the schedule? Can I change my teaching approach?

#5: Set Homeschool Goals For The Short Term.

If you know what you want to achieve and set short-term goals to meet your long-term goals. When you are in a hurry, it’s much easier to finish early with homeschooling when you set “chunks” of smaller goals. Map out your goals by week and then reassess at the end of every month to make sure you’re homeschooled student is on track.

Also, how can you help your student? If the goal is to complete high school in 3 years, short-term or intermediate goals may be: I want my son/daughter to learn how to study independently so he/she can finish their homework fast. Or, I want my son/daughter to take a course in statistics so they can graduate faster from high school. How can you facilitate this?

#6: Look Into Accelerated Homeschool Programs.

If you are in a hurry to finish high school, it’s best if you can look into accelerated homeschool programs. There are probably many accelerated homeschool programs, both in your state and online. Take an accelerated homeschooling program that reduces your overall number of credits by half and utilize earned credit hours to finish school sooner. This is a smart way for parents who want to get their teen out of high school faster.

However, this is only possible if your local and state laws or regulations allow for you to take an accelerated class that allows you to finish high school sooner, so check your laws!

#7: Use homeschooling co-ops and group classes.

If you are in a hurry to finish high school, try homeschooling co-ops or homeschool groups that offer their members all the educational resources they need for a credit-based high school diploma.

By joining a co-op or group, you may be able to get help from other parents and teachers that can teach your kids all they need to know for graduation.

#8: Use Homeschool Testing And Records To Finish School Years Ahead Of Schedule.

If you want your teen to use homeschool testing records and transcripts to finish school faster, it’s best if he or she can take the college entrance exams. By taking the SATs and ACTs, your teen will know how well they did on a national level. Based on this information, you can better estimate when he or she could graduate from high school and may even be able to “test out of” some subjects.

#9: Homeschool through the summer.

If you are in a hurry to finish homeschool, it’s best to take summer classes or even night classes if your schedule permits. (I know. Sorry.) The end result would be for you to get out of high school faster than if you were not able to take an accelerated path that can lead up to graduation.

#10: Have your homeschooled student get dual credits.

Dual credits means that a student gets college credit for something while they are also getting their high school credit. If your teen is able to get dual credits, they can use them to their advantage and may be able to skip some of the introductory college courses.

#11: Find A Mentor And Get Some Help From The Pros.

If you are in a hurry to finish homeschool years faster, it’s best if you can find a mentor who can show you the ropes of how to do it. Contact your local and state home school association for potential mentoring opportunities. Ask them how they recommend you find a mentor. You may even want to pay a homeschool education consultant to help you through the process (or at least get started!).

#12: Find A Local Homeschool Group To Join.

When you have a mentor and other homeschooling parents around that could help support you in your homeschooling journey when you are in a hurry to finish early, it’s much easier to reach your goal. Your homeschool kids will be able to find supportive peers that are on the same path, too!

#13: Join Online Homeschooling Communities.

Online homeschool communities are a wealth of knowledge because it allows you to connect with other homeschooling parents of varying experiences from around the world! When you join online homeschooling communities, you can ask questions to see what other parents are doing without having to leave your home. Use your peers for help with completing homeschool faster and easier!

We hope you find these tips on how to finish homeschool early helpful!

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