How To Begin Homeschooling?

How to begin homeschooling can seem like a daunting and confusing task. We’ll walk you through exactly how to start homeschooling your child today, whether you want to start homeschooling mid year or even how to homeschool at end of the year in this homeschooling for beginners guide.

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How To Get Started On Homeschooling

You may be surprised to learn that the answer to What do I need to homeschool my child? is probably easier than you think!

How do I get started homeschooling?

  1. Check your state homeschool laws (or country’s laws).
  2. Understand the parent qualifications for homeschooling in your state.
  3. Follow the state / school steps to unenroll your child from public school / private school (if applicable), including a withdraw child from school letter (that you send certified / signature required!) — IF REQUIRED.
  4. Deschool your child (and yourself!) to allow for a period of unwinding and preparing to homeschool.
  5. Start with a UNIT STUDY method! (DO NOT worry about choosing a homeschool curriculum during these early stages! It’s a costly rookie mistake, so trust me on this!)
  6. Search out resources for homeschooling parents including in-person and online homeschool groups so you can start building a support system.
  7. Let your child lead in learning and learn how to step back and allow them to develop a lifelong love of learning.
  8. Make your own rules about homeschooling! What works for other homeschool families may not work for you. That’s OK!
  9. Don’t be afraid to start over or ditch something that’s not working. It doesn’t make you a homeschool failure. It means that you’re willing to adapt to how and what your child best learns!
  10. Relax and enjoy! Homeschooling and learning together can be really fun and rewarding.

About Homeschooling Requirements By State

Although homeschooling is legal in every state in America, homeschool laws vary by state. So, how to start homeschooling in Illinois will be different from how to start homeschooling in California which will also be different from how to start homeschooling in Texas.

This is why checking your state laws is key in where to begin with homeschooling!

Where to begin homeschooling? Always start with your homeschool state laws!

Understanding your state homeschool laws is the most important first step you can take in your home schooling. (Start by doing an internet search on what do I need to homeschool my child in [your state] or you can start at HSDLA, which is a trusted homeschool resource. (You can see where the federal government says that homeschool laws are determined by state here.)

When To Begin Homeschooling

When to get started with homeschooling is solely up to you and the needs of your family! You don’t have to wait until a new school year to start homeschooling.

Can you start homeschooling at any time?

Can you begin homeschooling in the middle of the year or the end of the year? Yes! You can start home school at any time that your family needs to start. You can even start homeschool at end of year! The time of year that you start the homeschooling process is insignificant.

How can I start homeschooling immediately?

Sometimes you need to know how to get started with homeschooling ASAP due to emergency situations or pressing matters.

How to start homeschooling today:

  1. Talk to your family and prepare them for the changes.
  2. Check with your current school to understand the un-enrollment process.
  3. Review and understand your state home school laws.
  4. Transition your child from their traditional school to home school.
  5. Be patient. If you’re moving to homeschool quickly, your entire family will need some time to become accustomed to the situation.
  6. Take time off and learn in unconventional ways for a bit: museums, road trips, documentaries, crafts and other fun learning ideas!
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How To Begin Homeschooling Is Easier Than You Think!

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