Homeschool Myths And Facts

Heard the homeschool myth about socialization? What about I can’t work and homeschool? Ever wonder are kids who are homeschooled smarter or do colleges accept homeschooled students? We’re debunking homeschool myths and facts to give you the information you need about home education and to starting homeschooling today!

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Homeschool Myth #1: Homeschool Friends Are Hard To Find

The homeschool socialization myth is slowing dying out, but it still exists to some extent because people incorrectly assume that homeschooling means that you only stay at home, don’t get out, and that homeschoolers don’t get opportunities to socialize.


Do homeschoolers have friends?

There are some homeschooling with friends and other families homeschooling with no friends. However, this is no different than public school students! Some students are more introverted and shy and others are more outgoing with a large social circle.

This is no different than homeschool friends, including the opportunity to have homeschooled online friends through online homeschool courses and activities.

HOMESCHOOL MYTHS DEBUNKED: There are plenty of opportunities for homeschooling and friends. You just need to be willing to create those opportunities for your homeschooler!


Homeschool Myth #2: I Can’t Work And Homeschool

Many parents assume that they can’t homeschool and work full time or part time or work from home and homeschool. But, the truth is that many homeschool families are made up of single parents who work and homeschool or parents who homeschool while working.

HOMESCHOOL MYTHS DEBUNKED: You can work and homeschool, but it does take a flexible schedule, patience, and the willingness to get creative!


Homeschool Myth #3: Homeschool Kids Are Smarter

Many people often wonder are students who are homeschooled smarter than public school students.

Are kids who are homeschooled smarter?

There are certainly super smart homeschoolers, the same way that there are super smart public school students.

There are also homeschoolers have special needs that are more effectively met with parents homeschooling them.

Homeschool kids may appear smarter because many homeschooling parents work to expose their homeschoolers to a wide variety of topics on a regular basis, allowing the time for a deeper understanding of topics.

HOMESCHOOL MYTHS DEBUNKED: Homeschoolers are not necessarily smarter than public school kids, but some may appear that way because they have been allowed the time to completely understand topics and many have developed a lifelong love of learning where they enjoy leading their own learning.

Homeschool Myth #4: I’m Not Smart Enough To Homeschool

Many parents don’t feel smart enough to homeschool, probably because they assume that they have to teach all topics and all levels. (Lookin’ at you, homeschool math.)


Do you have to be smart to homeschool?

Nope. You don’t have to be smarter than others or even have a college degree or a special homeschool certification. You just need to be willing to find the ways to help your child when you (or they) don’t know the answer! (And, there are plenty of homeschool curriculum and courses to do that for you, too!)

HOMESCHOOL MYTHS DEBUNKED: You don’t need to be super smart to homeschool!


Homeschool Myth #5: Colleges Don’t Accept Homeschoolers

Do colleges accept homeschooled students?

You may be surprised to know that colleges and universities happily accept homeschool students if they meet their admission requirements.

Each college and university has their own application and admission requirements, so be sure to check the specific school of interest.

So, if you’re wondering Do colleges accept homeschool diplomas?, the answer is YES!

HOMESCHOOL MYTHS DEBUNKED: Many colleges and universities accept homeschooling students!

Homeschool Myth #6: I Need A Homeschool Curriculum To Start Home Schooling

You don’t need to start homeschooling with the best homeschool curriculum … in fact, we recommend that you don’t start with a homeschool curriculum package at all!

The first thing you need to do is check your homeschool state laws and see if they require a state approved homeschool curriculum. (You’ll find that many don’t.)

Then, start by taking a break and deschooling. Talk to your kids about their interests and what they would like to learn and build a unit study based on those interests.

At the very least, search for homeschool curriculum online free (or something along those lines) and start with a free homeschool curriculum so you don’t waste money.

HOMESCHOOL MYTHS DEBUNKED: You don’t need a homeschool curriculum (or to search for homeschool curriculum accredited) to start homeschooling.

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We hoped this helped debunk some of the common homeschool myths!