Do You Need Qualifications To Homeschool?

The qualifications to homeschool may be surprising because homeschool myths surround it (and many use it as a reason why not to homeschool). The truth is parents don’t have to be a certified teacher to homeschool, have a college education, or have a specialized homeschool certification for home education. Here are the facts about parents being qualified to homeschool and parental requirements to homeschool. What does it take to homeschool?

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What Qualifications Do You Need To Homeschool Your Child?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that may blow your mind: As soon as our kids are born, they start learning. And, as parents, we start teaching our kids at first contact with them. We teach them loving touches, and how to walk, and words, and songs, ABCs, math, and so much more (that we forget about!).

You’ve probably never considered yourself qualified to teach your child like that, right? The qualifications for homeschooling as a parent really aren’t that different than what you’ve already been doing.

So, home school is less about homeschooling qualifications and more about reframing and organizing what you’ve already been doing with your kids into a home education mindset! You don’t have to be worried about being homeschool teachers not qualified to teach!

For some reason, as soon as we put a title on it (“homeschooling parent”), we get nervous and start thinking we’re not good enough (not smart enough, not educated enough, or whatever) to lead our kids in learning.

What qualifications do you have to have to homeschool your child?

What do parents need to homeschool?

So, what qualifications do you need for teaching homeschool?

The first thing you need to know is that homeschooling requirements by state are different. So, start with understanding parental homeschool laws for your state.

Qualifications to homeschool your child:

  • Understanding of your state’s homeschooling laws and parental qualifications
  • Willingness to let go of traditional schooling preconceived notions
  • Ability to allow your child to lead in his or her learning
  • Willingness to facilitate best learning techniques
  • Ability to research curriculum and courses and learning tools best suited for your child
  • Desire to find peer groups and homeschool socialization opportunities
  • Energy to help foster a lifelong love of learning in your child
  • Patience (for yourself and your children!)


Do I need to be certified to homeschool my child?

You may be wondering do you have to be a certified teacher to homeschool. In the United States, there are no mandatory teacher certification requirements or testing as a teacher to home school. So if you’re wondering how to get certified to homeschool your child, it’s probably something you don’t need to worry about. However, each state has different homeschool requirements, so check your state homeschooling laws for parental qualification requirements.

Do I need a degree to homeschool? 

Homeschool requirements and parental homeschool qualifications will vary by state law in the U.S. You don’t need a special teaching degree or college education or homeschool teacher certification to homeschool, but you may be required by your state to meet specific homeschooling parent qualifications, like having a high school diploma or GED.

Can I homeschool if I’m not smart?

Many parents worry that they are not smart enough to meet homeschool qualifications and teach their children. There are many online classes, courses, and homeschool curriculum that cover all the school subjects (and plenty of places to get help!). In homeschool, you aren’t necessarily teaching your kids. You are leading your children’s education, so you need to worry less about how to teach homeschool.

Are parents homeschool qualified?

If you’re wondering can any parent homeschool their child, you don’t need to worry about being smart enough or what subjects should I teach in homeschool. There are many options available that will guide you through exactly what you need for homeschooling and can help parents become qualified to homeschool a child.

Asking What do you need to homeschool your child? is largely based on your willingness to adapt and change to a new way of learning! You don’t need to know how to be a homeschool teacher. You just need to be willing to lead your child in home education.

REMEMBER: You can homeschool and you do not need to be a former teacher or have a college homeschool teaching degree or become a certified homeschool teacher to do so.

So, when wondering, “What do I need to homeschool my child?”  or “What is required to homeschool your child?” or “Where do I find teachers for homeschool?” remember that you probably already have much of what you need for home schooling!

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We hope this helps you better understand parental qualifications to homeschool!

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